Estancia 25 de Mayo



Estancia 25 de Mayo is a typical Patagonian ranch, with 17.000 hectares and its historical main house just a few minutes away from El Calafate downtown. This is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the landscape at the base of Calafate Hill, offering to explore the rural lifestyle.

The appointment is in the ranch’s park, in Kau Yatun Hotel’s gardens. Mate and typical fried pasties give a warm welcome while an introductory talk about pioneers’ history brings the group to ancient ages. After making an antique “road” coffee, dogs will demonstrate their driving the sheep to the patio.

Later on, a walk by a small stream will lead to a “Machines museum”, an open air spot where the old vehicles used for field work are laying. When reaching the “warehouse” and the barnyards, a speech about the local wool production process is delivered.
The walk concludes with a “Patagonian wine tasting” by the stream and, on the way back, the organic gardens and plant nursery are visited.

Once back at “El Quincho” restaurant, dinner is offered accompanied by a folk dance show performed by local artists.

Country Morning Program

  • Activities begin at 10:00hs
  • Lunch finishes at 13:30hs

Country Evening Program

  • Activities begin at 18:00hs
  • Estancia Touring finishes at 21:00hs
  • Dinner begins at 21:00hs
  • Dinner finishes at 22:30hs
  • Regular shuttle service starts 30 minutes before the activity begins.
  • Duration: (5 hours aprox)
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • $0.00
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