Lengas Trail in Torres del Paine National Park
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Half Day Tour to Lenga Forest in Torres del Paine National Park

Enjoy part of the famous W Trekking in Torres del Paine National Park

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  • Full day activity from Torres del Paine
  • 3 to 4 hours in total
  • Easy to moderated diffuculty level

Half Day Tour to Lenga Forest in Torres del Paine National Park

Enjoy this amazing portion of the famous "O" Cirtuit in Torres del Paine National Park!

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The Lenga Forest Tour follows part of the O circuit trail, bordering the eastern slope of the massif, through a magical and ancient Lenga forest. One of the iconic trees of Patagonia, the Nothofagus pumilio thrives in areas with low temperatures and heavy snowfall.

The Lenga forest serves as habitat for many animals, and if you pay attention, you have a good chance of seeing Magellanic woodpeckers, Austral parakeets, the Magellanic woodpecker, and other forest birds.

Although it is unlikely to see them during the day, be alert for our “Andean Lion,” as pumas are known to roam this forest. You’ll walk along the slopes of Cerro Paine, cross small streams, and arrive at a beautiful valley filled with daisies during spring.

The tour will end with a walk along the turquoise Paine River, where you’ll enjoy the deep visual contrast between the forest and the pampas. The trail also offers excellent views of Blue Lagoon, Cerro Guido, and Sierra Baguales on the eastern side of the massif.

This guided tour can start in the morning or in the afternoon. Departure is from the reception of Hotel Las Torres and must be booked in advance.


Embark on the Half-day Lenga Forest Excursion, covering a portion of the O circuit trail while tracing the contours of the eastern flank of the massif, through an enchanting and age-old Lenga woodland. One of the emblematic trees of Patagonia, the Nothofagus pumilio flourishes in regions characterized by frigid temperatures and substantial snowfall.

This Lenga forest provides a sanctuary for myriad creatures, and with attentive observation, you may chance upon Magellanic woodpeckers, Austral parakeets, the Magellanic woodpecker, and other woodland avifauna.

Although sightings are uncommon during daylight hours, keep vigilant for the elusive “Andean Lion,” as pumas are known to roam these wooded realms. Traverse the slopes of Cerro Paine, traverse babbling brooks, and arrive at a picturesque valley adorned with blooming daisies in the springtime.

Concluding with a stroll along the cerulean Paine River, revel in the stark visual contrast between the verdant forest and the sprawling pampas. Additionally, the trail affords splendid vistas of Blue Lagoon, Cerro Guido, and Sierra Baguales on the eastern aspect of the massif.

This guided excursion is available for morning or afternoon departure and requires advance booking. Departure commences from the reception area of Hotel Las Torres.

Half-day Lenga Forest Tour
Distance: 8 km
Duration: 3-4 hrs total
Difficulty: Easy-Medium


Type: Adventure
Duration: AM
Cancellation Policy: 72 hs before your tour
Availability: From October 1 to April 30
Starting Time: 9 am
Finishing Time: 2 pm aprox
Pick Up: Meeting Point
Drop Off: Meeting Point
Language: English, Spanish
Minimum Booking: 1

What is Included

  • Guided trekking (english speaking guides)
  • tips
  • Meals


There's no optionals available for this excursions. Let us know if you need anything on your booking.

Cancellation Policy


The activity takes 6 to 8 hours with a distance of 23.2 km and a mediun to high difficulty level.

It´s an moderated to high activity

All our tours come with an expert and charismatic bilingual guide who will happily ensure that your experience is the best it can be. Feel free to ask questions and learn as much as possible about the special place you are visiting.


  • Guided trekking
  • Lunch
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera with a fully charged battery and space on your SD card, so you can capture these unforgettable moments!


From USD: 115

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