Half day Horseback riding to Nordenskjold Lake
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Half day tour to Nordenskjold Lake and Horseback Riding

A 3-hour horseback riding in Torres del Paine National Park, visiting Lake Nordenskjold

Why choose this excursion?

  • Enjoy a horseback riding in the national park
  • An adventure activity in Torres del Paine NP
  • Visit the Lake Nordenskjold

Half day tour to Nordenskjold Lake and Horseback Riding

Excellent option for beginners and those without horseback riding experience

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This tour is an excellent option for beginners and those without horseback riding experience. You’ll walk the private paths of the Reserve and feel the inspiring energy radiating from these silent places where nature itself is the best company.

As you ride along the deep blue shores of Lake Nordenskjöld, our expert guides will teach you how to ride. With the wind in your hair, the sound of the lake, and the rhythm of the horses’ steady movements, you’ll feel Patagonia and its roots. You’ll create a genuine connection with nature and feel the power of living in the moment.

Mount Almirante Nieto and its hanging glacier will remain still on the horizon. You’ll appreciate several viewpoints and Patagonian flora as you cross pristine rivers and dense forests on horseback. Guided by our expert guides, you’ll love learning about this culture.

This famous lake located at the base of the Paine Massif is named after Otto Nordenskjöld (1869-1928), a Swedish-Finnish explorer who devoted himself to the study of Chile, Antarctica, Peru, and Greenland.

This guided tour can start in the morning or afternoon. Departure is from the horse stable located a few meters from Hotel Las Torres and must be reserved in advance.


This excursion is an outstanding choice for novices and individuals lacking equestrian experience. You’ll traverse the secluded pathways of the Reserve, soaking in the inspiring ambiance that emanates from these serene locales where nature itself serves as the ultimate companion.

Guided by our seasoned horsemen, you’ll embark on a journey along the tranquil shores of Lake Nordenskjöld, immersing yourself in the breathtaking scenery and tranquility. With the breeze caressing your face, the gentle lapping of the lake’s waters, and the rhythmic cadence of the horses’ strides, you’ll truly connect with the essence of Patagonia and its heritage. This immersive experience fosters a genuine bond with the natural world, allowing you to fully embrace the joy of living in the present moment.

As you traverse the pristine landscapes, you’ll encounter majestic vistas of Mount Almirante Nieto and its hanging glacier, offering moments of awe and wonder. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate the diverse flora of Patagonia, cross crystal-clear rivers, and navigate through dense forests, all while guided by our knowledgeable experts who share insights into local culture and heritage.

Named after Otto Nordenskjöld, a pioneering explorer renowned for his studies across Chile, Antarctica, Peru, and Greenland, this renowned lake situated at the foot of the Paine Massif serves as a testament to his legacy and the rich history of exploration in the region.

Whether you choose a morning or afternoon departure, this guided tour commences from the horse stable adjacent to Hotel Las Torres and requires advance reservation.




Type: Adventure
Duration: AM
Cancellation Policy: 72 hs before your tour
Availability: Every day
Starting Time: 9 am
Finishing Time: 12 hs
Pick Up: Meeting Point
Drop Off: Meeting Point
Language: English, Spanish
Minimum Booking: 1

What is Included

  • hoseback riding in Torres del Paine
  • english speaking guides
  • meals and tips


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Cancellation Policy


The ride takes 3 hours and total distance is 8 km

It´s an easy activity, suitable for beginners.

All our tours come with an expert and charismatic bilingual guide who will happily ensure that your experience is the best it can be. Feel free to ask questions and learn as much as possible about the special place you are visiting.

  • Enjoyable horseback riding suitable for beginners
  • Guided by expert horsemen and guides
  • Helmet and riding chaps provided
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera with a fully charged battery and space on your SD card, so you can capture these unforgettable moments!

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