Trekking O in Torres del Paine
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Enjoy the "O" Trekking Circuit in Torres del Paine National Park - 7 Nights

The most complete trekking program in Torres del Paine National Park!
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Enjoy the "O" Trekking Circuit in Torres del Paine National Park - 7 Nights


The most complete trekking program in Torres del Paine. A week to enjoy this amazing place in Patagonia!

Dare to enjoy a unique experience in one of the most important trekking circuits in the world: the journey through the Paine massif, where nature invites you to challenge your body and mind. During 8 intense days you will be amazed by the granite towers that give the park its name, the legendary Francés Valley or the impressive Grey Glacier seen from
the John Garner mountain pass where the ice melts with the clouds on the horizon. An experience that will take your breath away.

What to see: Las Torres Base, Los Cuernos, FrancésValley, Grey Glacier, John Garner pass, Perros Glacier & Dickson Glacier

Overview itinerary:
Day 1: Transport to Torres del Paine, lodging in Serón Sector.
Day 2: Hike to Dickson, lodging in Dickson Sector.
Day 3: Hike to Los Perros, lodging in Los Perros Sector.
Day 4: Hike to John Gardner mountain pass and Lake Grey, lodging in Grey Sector.
Day 5: Hike to Paine Grande, lodging in Paine Grande Sector.
Day 6: Hike to Francés Valley, lodging in Francés/Cuernos Sector.
Day 7: Hike to Central Sector, lodging in Central Sector.
Day 8: Hike to the Las Torres Base viewpoint and return to Puerto Natales.

You can choose from Equipped Camping, to Mountain Hostel, or even a combination of hotel and  mountain hostel. 



From Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine

Before your adventure you will receive an email with technical information to prepare you in the best way for your trip to Torres del Paine. Our executives will coordinate with you the delivery of your welcome kit and vouchers. The day your program begins you will have to take the bus at 7am. from Puerto Natales. The trip takes approximately 2:30 hours. Once you arrive, you will walk through the Encantado Valley and a native forest of old lenga trees to reach the Serón Sector. If you pay attention to the trees you will see that they are covered with a special lichen, known as “old man’s beard”, which only grows in the purest environments. While listening to the birds singing, you can already enjoy unique views of the Paine Massif.

Transfer from Puerto Natales: 2 to 2:30 hs
Trekking time and distance: 4-6 hours, and 13 km
Medium level of difficulty
Elevation Gain: 130 mts
Overnightin Seron Camping


Trekking to Dickson Sector

This long but unforgettable day will take you up and down the slopes of the Paine Massif. Everything you will see will be wonderful, making your way easier.
Nature has a special way of rewarding your effort, just after the steepest climb, when you see the valley you will think you are in a dream. The camp will seem surreal: it seems unthinkable to see tents and a shelter in a vast green area next to a huge lake and at the foot of towering mountains. The fluffy clouds are the finishing touch in this scene that seems too good to be true. You will feel energized to descend to the shore of Lake Paine. Depending on the weather, you will be able
to see the northeast summit of the Paine Massif.

Trekking distance / time: 8-10 hours and 19.5 km
Difficulty level: High
Elevation gain: 200 mts
Overnight in Dickson Sector


Trekking to Los Perros Sector

With a shorter hiking day ahead of you, take advantage of your stunning location. Wake up early and enjoy the tranquility near the river as you contemplate the imposing mountains and the passing clouds that hide and reveal the snow-capped peaks. As you take it all in, say goodbye to the serene landscape and the hanging glacier, the next stage of your journey will be to enter a lenga
forest. The trees will protect you from the elements of nature, you will perceive the sounds of the forest, including the drumming of the Magellanic Woodpeckers. The last stretch surprises you with the Los Perros Glacier that is over a quiet and gray lagoon. This program DOES NOT INCLUDE any type of food in this sector. There is an external service minimarket that sells basic food and beverages.

Trekking time/distance: 4.5, and 9 km
Difficulty level: High
Elevatoin Gain: 340 mts
Overnight in Los Perros Sector


Trekking to Grey Glacier

Today you will remember why hard work pays off. Possibly the most difficult day of the trip, it will also be one of the most spectacular. Leave Los Perros Camping early and zigzag your way across the swampy forest floor until you leave the tree area. The upper half of the mountain is a steep, rocky, snowy climb to the winding John Garner Pass. Once you arrive, you can see the Southern Icefield with countless jagged peaks and colored glacier crevasses. While this is enough to make
your day, on the way down, a view of the glacier that looks like something out of another planet awaits.

Trekking time / distance: 9-12hours long and 15  km
High difficulty level
Elevation gain: 600 mts
Overnight in Grey Sector 


Trekking to Paine Grande Sector

After breakfast, be ready for your last day!

This part of your adventure begins the W Circuit and you will explore the Park’s most famous attractions. After a few intense days, today will be more relaxed. You will walk along the mountainside and through forests of Antarctic beech (ñire), coigües and notros. This short and rewarding trek leaves a unique sensation due to the diversity of natural elements that floods your
senses. Appreciate the dense forest and low branches, the Magellanic Woodpeckers and the views of Paine Grande Mount, the highest peak in the region (10,000 ft.) and its hanging glaciers. Upon arrival at the camp you can rest and feel the sun on your face or walk along the shore of the turquoise Lake Pehoé.

Trekking time / distance: 4 hours and 11 kms
Medium level of difficulty
Elevation gain: 280 mts
Accommodation in Paine Grande Sector 



Trekking to Frances Valley

Start your morning in the perfect way with a light and magnificent trek to camping Italiano. Your mind and body will be aligned with the present moment, processing all the experiences of the previous days. Surrounded by mountains, you will find tranquility in your soul and the sounds of the lake will make you vibrate with energy in the midst of a varied and abundant vegetation that will fill you with life. You will pass by an amazing waterfall and you will be able to fill your bottle with pure and cold water. This whole experience will be perfectly complemented by the incomparable view from the Francés Valley. At the viewpoint, you will be dazzled with one of the most impressive views of the entire circuit.

Trekking time / distance: 8-9 hours and 20.5 kms
High level of difficulty
Elevation gain: 712 mts
Accommodation in Frances Sector 



Trekking to Central Sector

Walk along the tranquil shore of Lake Nordenskjöld and at the foot of the amazing Mount Almirante Nieto and its hanging glaciers. The hushed atmosphere of the
massive peaks above the turquoise lake will ask you to slow down, process the magnitude and capture the view forever with a photograph. The lake is surrounded by geographic contrasts and is home to many birds, so keep an eye out for condors flying in this area. You will continue along the Arriero River, which gives many moments to stop, fill your water bottle and enjoy the present. When you reach the highest viewpoint, you will be able to see the entire lake, from beginning to end,
as well as the Francés Glacier on Mount Paine Grande. In the evening, you can reward yourself with a cold beer for trekking this far.

Trekking time / distance: 4-5 hours and 14 kms
Medium level of difficulty
Elevation gain: 80 mts
Accommodation in Central Sector 


Trekking to Las Torres Base

Be ready after breakfast, for your last day!

The day begins with an uphill hike through the Patagonian pampa, the trail begins to steepen as you enter the Ascencio Valley, until you reach the Los Vientos pass, with its spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and lakes. You will pass through the Chileno Sector and through a native lenga forest before reaching the final stretch of your adventure. This part of the hike lasts approximately one hour over rocky terrain. At the end of this stretch you will encounter the most impressive view of the three iconic granite towers and their glacial lagoon. You will return by the same route to take the bus in the afternoon and return to Puerto Natales, a unique, impressive and unforgettable experience

Trekking time / distance: 7-9 hours and 19.5 kms
High level of difficulty
Elevation gain: 750 mts
Transfer back to Puerto Natales (2 to 2:30 hs)

The program can be extended to 8 nights if necessary.

What is Included

  • Self guided hikes: Las Torres Base, Los Cuernos del Paine, Frances Valley and Grey Glacier Lookout
  • 7 nights of accommodation in mountain / cabin / camping / hotel
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch or box lunch and dinner
  • Transfers from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine and back
  • Navigation crosssing the Pehoe Lake to Pudeto
  • Park Entrance and Welcome Kit
  • Guide (trails are self guided)
  • Air tickets
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Beverages
  • Tips


The trails are very well signposted, and guides are not necessary. These are self-guided trails

The trekking is available from September to April.

Yes, transfers in/out are included

Yes, the basic program is a 7-night package, but can be extended to 8 nights if necessary


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