Explora El Chalten, luxury lodge in the Fitz Roy Mount area
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Explora el Chalten: Luxury Stay in the Fitz Roy Mount Area

Enjoy El Chaltén and amazing explorations staying at Explora, a luxury hotel in the Fitz Roy Mount area!
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Explora el Chalten: Luxury Stay in the Fitz Roy Mount Area


Discover El Chalten staying at Explora, a wonderful luxury lodge including meals and explorations!

El Chaltén is a small and charming village located in the southern Patagonian region of Argentina, within Los Glaciares National Park. It’s often referred to as the “Trekking Capital of Argentina” due to its proximity to some of the most iconic hiking trails in the region.

The Explora lodge in El Chaltén has been strategically located within the Los Huemules Conservation Reserve, one of our key conservation partnerships in the region.

We believe luxury means having everything necessary for an incredible experience, such as a welcoming atmosphere. That’s why each room in our lodges is a place to rest and recharge in remote areas. They are designed to provide silence, privacy, and space, offering you deep relaxation after a day of exploration.

The rooms have been designed to make the most of silence and privacy, ensuring deep rest after a day of exploration. To retreat from everyday life, one must leave the ordinary behind.

The Spa, built to achieve disconnection and immersion in nature with wonderful views of the nirre forest, our spa offers a relaxation space where our travelers can enjoy 2 massage rooms, 2 saunas, and 5 outdoor Jacuzzis.

Finally, Our explorations in El Chaltén have been designed to discover Argentine Patagonia in depth. With this goal in mind, we have identified four exploration zones, each with unique geographical, cultural, and natural characteristics, allowing our travelers to go beyond the surface to delve into the essence of the territory.

Additionally, outside you will find 6 loungers and a shower overlooking the valley and the Electric River, perfect for after a day of exploration.



Explora El Chalten, luxury lodge in the Fitz Roy Mount area

Day 1

Arrive to Explora El Chalten

Arrive to El Chaltén, a small lovely village located in the southern Patagonia area, within Los Glaciares National Park and well know as the trekking capital of Argentina. If you arrived by bus, we will pick you up from the bus station to transfer you to the hotel. You also can arrive by rented car.
Welcome at Explora El Chaltén.

Our team of guides will welcome you with a complimentary drink and will approach you to plan the activities you will enjoy during your stay at Explora. The lodge offers numerous options, and the guides will provide information on the duration, difficulty, and different features of each activity to choose the best option for you from that menu. Among these activities are hikes, self-guided trails, climbing, overland trips, and high-mountain excursions.

Remember that all meals are included. The cuisine is based on the interpretation of the environment, nature, and culinary landscape. We will only use seasonal ingredients, sourced from nearby small producers, produced with agroecological criteria, and in some cases, gathered.

Also, remember that the spa is an excellent option! Built to achieve disconnection and immersion in nature with wonderful views of the nirre forest, our spa offers a relaxation space where our travelers can enjoy 2 massage rooms, 2 saunas, and 5 outdoor Jacuzzis. Additionally, outside, you will find 6 loungers and a shower that overlooks the valley and the Electric River, perfect for after a day of exploration.


Explora El Chalten, luxury lodge in the Fitz Roy Mount area


Explorations at Explora El Chaltén

After breakfast, free time to enjoy the menu of explorations available at Explora El Chaltén. Check below some information about activities available:


Trekking to Huemul Glacier: We will take the van to the southern sector of Lake del Desierto to begin a hike through a Nothofagus forest, where we will start our ascent towards Laguna Huemul at the foot of the glacier. Along the way, we will emerge into clearings to see the waterfalls cascading from the glaciers. We return along the same trail, with a panoramic view of Laguna Huemul, Mount Fitz Roy, and the Río las Vueltas Valley.

Trekking to Pollone Lagoon: This exploration involves various changes in terrain. We will start by crossing the Electric River and gradually immerse ourselves in a vast Nothofagus forest, accompanied all the while by the sounds of Patagonian birds. Further ahead, we will transition to rocky sandbanks typical of the Electric River’s shore, with views of glaciers and mountain ranges up to Lake Eléctrico. We will return along the same path, affording us additional views of the valley.

Birds of Patagonia: We will depart by van to Laguna Condor, where we can observe and learn about the behavior of different types of birds in this region. The area hosts a great diversity of birds, including some that are only seen on this trail. We will then walk through an old humid forest, which due to its characteristics is a great place for potential sightings of owls and owls.

El Pliegue: We start in the southern zone of Los Glaciares National Park, where we will walk along a trail that will take us to different valleys and a hill, where we can have a wide view of Cerro Torre, Laguna Viedma, and the Río de las Vueltas Valley. An ideal exploration to sit and contemplate the mountain.

Cerro Torre Viewpoint: We start the hike at one of the entrances to Los Glaciares National Park, progressing along an uphill trail to a valley with low vegetation, which will provide us with extensive views of Cerro Torre. This exploration will allow us to observe how the glacier’s retreat has left its mark and remains present. Additionally, we will be able to appreciate the Andes mountain range and photograph in detail the landscape, flora, and fauna of Patagonia.

Laguna Torre: From one of the entrances to El Chaltén, we will begin walking along an uphill trail that will reach a valley with low vegetation, allowing us to have an extensive view of Cerro Torre.

Fitz Roy viewpoint: We depart by van towards Los Glaciares National Park, where we will walk through its forests and enjoy views of the Andean mountain ranges. If the day is clear, we will be able to appreciate in all its splendor the Fitz Roy mountain, Mermoz needle, and Poincenot needle. Finally, we will arrive at the Fitz Roy mountain viewpoint, where we will have a unique perspective of this rocky formation and all the surrounding mountains.

These are some of the trekking activities available, there are many more that will be explained and offered by the guides upon arrival at Explora.


Rio Arriba: We depart by van from the lodge heading north towards the Lago del Desierto Provincial Reserve, traversing beautiful waterfalls formed by the geography of the Rio de las Vueltas Valley. We will venture into humid Nothofagus forests until we reach the viewpoint of Lago del Desierto, from where we will have a panoramic view of the lake, the surrounding mountains, and its glaciers.

Rio de las Vueltas: We depart from the lodge following the Rio de las Vueltas, where we will have different perspectives of the valley and extensive views of the Andes mountain range. We will stop at various places with short walks, allowing time to admire the area. Before returning to the Lodge, we can visit El Chaltén and stroll through its streets.

Again, the guides will explain more activitites available on arrival

Explora El Chalten, luxury lodge in the Fitz Roy Mount area


More explorations at Explora El Chaltén

After breakfast, you´re free to continue the explorations at Explora El Chaltén.
In addition to the activities already detailed, the lodge offers some more which we briefly describe below:


Vertical Connection: El Chaltén is one of the best places in the world for rock climbing. Therefore, we want our travelers to experience this activity with us. We will provide them with an initial approach to this activity, learning about the main climbing spots in El Chaltén, their history, how to control their body, and the importance of trust in their partner.


Cerro Madsen: The ascent to Cerro Madsen, in the Fitz Roy mountain range, is a perfect challenge for mountain beginners or those who want to achieve their first summit in Patagonia and treat themselves to one of the most wonderful views in the world.

*Exploration subject to availability at check-in.

Paso del Cuadrado: An ideal exploration for travelers who want to have a different experience and perspective of Patagonia. Surrounded by mountains, we will border the Electric River through a Patagonian forest, while enjoying the view towards the Marconi Glacier. Afterwards, we will climb a steep slope, leaving the forest behind and approaching the imposing mountains that grow larger with each step. The north face of Fitz Roy will await us at a viewpoint at the highest point of this exploration.

*Exploration subject to availability at check-in.


Laguna de los Huemules: We start walking from Explora to cross a forest of lengas and ñires, where the footprint of the Huemul will also be present. We will climb up to Laguna Azul, where we will find a large water reserve that tells the story of what has happened here. Lake and river birds will be our companions during this journey.

It is uncommon to find such richness in such a relatively compact area. The Los Huemules Conservation Reserve brings together characteristics that are not easily found elsewhere in Patagonia.

Laguna Condor: We will walk through a very humid forested area, where biodiversity plays a leading role. The route includes a gentle ascent along a rock ridge, which will give us unique views and perspectives of the Río de las Vueltas Valley. Various birds can be observed in the Laguna area.

Laguna del Diablo: We will walk along a forested trail with views towards the north face of Fitz Roy. Our route will take us alongside the Diablo River, the natural habitat of the Torrent Duck. As we ascend, we will have views of the Cagliero Glacier and Laguna del Diablo.

Explora El Chalten, luxury lodge in the Fitz Roy Mount area


Good bye El Chaltén

After breakfast, check out

What is Included

  • Transfer bus station - hotel - bus station (if you arrive on a bus)
  • 3 nights of accommodation with all meals and explorations included at Explora El Chalten
  • Bus services (buses from El Calafate can be included if you want, just let´s know)
  • Tips


Yes! We can a guide to your trekking activity and convert it to a private tour. Ask a good personalized english speaking guide just for you. Anyway, the activities provided by Explora are made for reduced groups

Yes! we can quote and add internal flights, just let ´s know.

Absolutely, the program is 100% flexible, so let´s know if you need any change on the program.

Yes, we can add buses from and to El Calafate. Also help you if you prefer to rent a car, or book a private transfer from El Calafate to El Chaltén. Just let´s know.


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