Skorpios III - Kaweskar Route in Patagonia. Cruises in Patagonia
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Kaweskar Route aboard Skorpios III Cruise in Patagonia

Enjoy a 4-night cruise visiting glaciers and remote landscapes of Patagonia with 1 free night after or before your trip!
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Kaweskar Route aboard Skorpios III Cruise in Patagonia


Explore stunning glaciers, fjords, and landscapes on a unique 4-night cruise through southern Patagonia. Plus, enjoy a complimentary night in Puerto Natales before or after your voyage.

Get ready for an exceptional adventure! With our exclusive offer, you’ll enjoy 4 magnificent nights cruising through the wonders of southern Patagonia aboard the Skorpios III. But that’s not all – we’re thrilled to treat you to an additional night of accommodation (Hotel Costaustralis) in Puerto Natales, absolutely free! Delve into the heart of this charming town, savoring its delights and soaking in its unique atmosphere. It’s the perfect way to extend your journey and make unforgettable memories in Patagonia.

Embark on the Skorpios III Cruise departing from the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales, Chile, between October and April. Located 2,500 km south of Santiago, Puerto Natales is accessible by air from Punta Arenas or by land from Argentina.

This 4-night, 5-day maritime journey traverses the Southern Ice Field along the Kaweskar route, covering 505 miles to explore approximately 15 glaciers, including Guillard, Amalia, El Brujo, Fiordo Calvo, Bernal, and Herman. Activities such as sightseeing, contemplation, hikes to glacier fronts and moraines, and sailing among colorful icebergs on expedition boats like the Captain Constantino are included.

As you navigate through this pristine wilderness, you’ll have the opportunity to observe the diverse flora and fauna of Patagonia, including elephant seals in Guardramiro Fjord.



Check-in in Puerto Natales (Chile)

Once in Puerto Natales, we will start our check in procedure. Remember, you can book the previous night in the ship, or we can arrange a pre-tour to visit Puerto Natales/Torres del Paine area. Just contact us.

9:00 hrs. Boarding begins.
12:00 hrs. Departure from Skorpios Terminal. Safety briefing onboard.
14:00 hrs. Lunch. Navigation through Admiral Montt Gulf.
16:30 hrs. Arrival at Caleta Juárez in Guardramiro Fjord. Disembarkation for a guided tour of a southern elephant seal colony.
18:00 hrs. Departure, crossing Kirke Narrows, Morla Vicuña, Union, Collingwood, and Sarmiento channels.

The cruise includes all disembarkations and meals during the itinerary.


Skorpios III - Kaweskar Route in Patagonia. Cruises in Patagonia


Skorpios III - Kaweskar Route: Glaciers and more glaciers

We start early in the morning with some incredible activities:

06:00 hrs. Navigation northward through Pitt Channel. Sightseeing at Chatham Island.
08:45 hrs. Entrance to Guillard Fjord. Navigation inside the fjord to Guillard Glacier. Disembarkation and hiking (depending on tide conditions).
11:30 hrs. Departure southward.
13:00 hrs. Lunch.
16:00 hrs. Arrival at Amalia Glacier. Boat tours in the bay. If conditions permit, disembarkation for closer views.
20:30 hrs. Dinner onboard.

Skorpios III - Kaweskar Route in Patagonia. Cruises in Patagonia


El Brujo Glacier and Calvo Fjord

After breakfast, another amazing day full of activities including:

08:00 hrs. Arrival at El Brujo Glacier.
09:15 hrs. Weather and ice conditions permitting, disembarkation for glacier viewing.
11:30 hrs. Departure towards Calvo Fjord.
13:00 hrs. Lunch.
16:00 hrs. Arrival at Calvo Fjord. Excursion on the Capitán Constantino boat among icebergs, visiting Fernando, Capitán Constantino, and Alipio glaciers.
20:00 hrs. Departure towards Mountains Fjord.

Skorpios III - Kaweskar Route in Patagonia. Cruises in Patagonia


Ice, ice and more ice

We continue with more activities:

08:00 hrs. Visit to Mountains Fjord, observing four glaciers descending from Sarmiento Mountain Range, with two in our view.
09:00 hrs. Visit to Alsina Glacier. Disembarkation for exploration by small boats.
10:30 hrs. Return to the ship, continuing navigation towards Bernal Glacier.
11:00 hrs. Disembarkation at Bernal Glacier. Hike through native forest and across moraines to the glacier front.
12:45 hrs. Return to the ship. Water resupply from a waterfall.
13:30 hrs. Lunch.
14:00 hrs. Navigation through Mountains Fjord, viewing Herman and Zamudio glaciers.
17:00 hrs. Crossing White Narrows.
20:30 hrs. Farewell party, Captain’s dinner, dancing. Navigation through Admiral Montt Gulf.

Skorpios III Cruise in Patagonia. Kaweskar Route aboard Skorpios III Cruise


Arrive to Puerto Natales

Finally, after amazing 5 days of great activities we return to the origin

Between 02:00 and 07:00 hrs. Arrival at Puerto Natales.
08:00 – 09:30 hrs. Passenger disembarkation. End of the cruise.

What is Included

  • All inclusive service
  • All meals and explorations
  • internal flights
  • Tips
  • Embarkation Tax


Breakfast, lunches and dinners. All meals are included.
Open bar when the bartender is on duty.
Daily shore excursions, as scheduled by the Company.
Whiskey and hot chocolate during excursions.
Activities inside the ship

No, this cruise will not disembark in the Cape Horn

In the Kaweskar Route, it’s also before departure, with the option of a morning tour to the Milodon Cave and rock paintings at an additional cost.

Skorpios’ gastronomic style features a fixed menu based on Patagonian recipes, focusing on meats, fish, and seafood. However, if any passenger wishes to change it, there is no additional cost. During the Captain’s farewell party, a Patagonian buffet is offered.


In the cruise months, the temperature fluctuates between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius (equivalent to 41 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit). It is important to note that weather conditions are very unpredictable and could change constantly during the day

There is an accident insurance included in the cruise fare, with amounts and coverage printed on your ticket.

220 volts, but onboard there are transformers for 110 volts for the use of household appliances.




Voluntary gratuities (suggested US $25 per passenger, per night) and personal expenses in the onboard store, such as souvenirs, sportswear or other items, may be paid with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners, US dollars, Euros or Chilean pesos.

The bar is always open at no additional cost, offering a selection of national and imported wines, beverages, and liquors.

According to the provisions of the National Forestry Corporation of Chile (CONAF), the use of drones or any type of RPAS technology is prohibited in the Protected Wildlife Areas of the Magallanes Region. The Company prohibits the use on board of drones or any type of RPAS technology.

Yes, Tips aboard and embarkation tax. The tip is USD 50 per person for the whole trip and the Embarkation tax, USD 75 per person.