Cruises from Puerto Natales: glaciers, mountains and remote islands

Skorpios III Cruise

From Puerto Natales, travelers have the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable cruise expedition, venturing into the remote and mesmerizing regions of Patagonia. This immersive journey takes you through southern fjords, channels, and glaciers, offering a rare glimpse into the untamed beauty of the area. What makes this cruise particularly enticing is its inclusion of disembarkation and exploration opportunities, allowing adventurers to uncover hidden gems and discover the unparalleled landscapes of Patagonia.

Skorpios 3: A wonderful cruise expedition to the glaciers from Puerto Natales

Believe me, it’s an incredible idea to book this extraordinary cruise and embark on a journey through stunning fjords, marvel at glaciers, and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Chilean fjords. With a capacity of just 90 passengers accommodated in 45 comfortable cabins, the cruise company provides top-notch hospitality and unique experiences. Why choose Skorpios Cruise? It’s a boutique ship with a limited number of cabins, ensuring exclusivity. They offer informative lectures and curated books to deepen your understanding of these remarkable areas of the world. All meals are included onboard, along with access to an open bar. While you may not be in Antarctica, the sight of ice is guaranteed and truly breathtaking. Each exploration and disembarkation offers a range of adventure levels, ensuring that every visit is an unforgettable experience. Moreover, the warmth and hospitality of the family who have operated the company for decades add an extra special touch to the journey.

Skorpios 3: the route

For more information about the Skorpios III, departure dates, rates available, different cabins, services aboard, just contact us. Check the image below to see the route and disembarkations


Skorpios III, Itinerary  map



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