Amazing Luxury Camp in Torres del Paine

Patagonia Camp, luxury camp in Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine is a wonderful place, undoubtedly one of the highlights in Patagonia. If you’re planning a trip to this region, surely this national park located in southern Chile will be on your itinerary. In recent years, luxury camping accommodations, known as “glamping,” have been developed in many sites. A blend of glamour and camping, it involves well-prepared tents with truly comfortable amenities reminiscent of a hotel room, yet with some interesting advantages such as waking up to birdsong, enjoying a starry sky, or even falling asleep to the sound of the Patagonian wind. It’s undoubtedly a different and unique experience that can be enjoyed. Let’s delve a bit more into this glamping experience in Torres del Paine, focusing on Patagonia Camp.

Glamping in Torres del Paine: Patagonia Camp

Patagonia Camp is a wonderful concept. A luxury campsite located near the national park that allows you to engage in numerous activities and enjoy nature. The camp is nestled in the midst of a native forest and at the foot of the impressive Lake Toro in Torres del Paine, offering a luxurious experience to all travelers, who can enjoy all the comforts of a hotel but in the great outdoors.

Patagonia Camp, luxury camp in Torres del Paine National Park

Patagonia Camp:  The service

Patagonia Camp offers a full-service experience for you to enjoy the natural surroundings while feeling like you’re in a hotel. The camp features 20 fully-equipped yurts with stunning privileged views of mountains and lakes. Additionally, there’s a wonderful restaurant serving Chilean signature cuisine, a bar & lounge, exclusive excursions, bilingual staff (Spanish/English) always ready to assist you, and a shop with local products.


The Yurts in Patagonia Camp

The first question you’ll likely ask is: What is a Yurt? Well, Yurts are circular tents of Mongolian style. Nomads in Mongolia have been using these types of tents for hundreds of years on the steppes of Central Asia. With light colors, our Yurts have been adapted to the Patagonian climate, maximizing the energy, light, and heat from the sun.

Patagonia Camp offers four different categories:

Deluxe Yurt in Patagonia Camp

Enjoy nature listening to the rain and the birdsong amidst the native forest in the heart of Southern Patagonia. This Yurt offers everything you need to make your stay in Torres del Paine an extraordinary experience with unforgettable awakenings. The Deluxe Yurt is a Mongolian-style tent with 20 square meters, en-suite bathroom, and private terrace. In this Yurt, you can enjoy all the comforts with the tranquility of privacy amidst the native forest, in one of the most pristine places in the world like Torres del Paine.

Family Yurt in Patagonia Camp

It consists of two tents of 20 square meters each, connected by the bathroom. Additionally, they have a terrace and a private outdoor jacuzzi. During your stay, you can enjoy the tranquility of your own land with privacy amidst an incredible native forest, fascinating for its natural beauty.

Deluxe Jacuzzi Yurt

This Yurt consists of a circular tent of 20 square meters, en-suite bathroom, terrace, and private outdoor jacuzzi. You will enjoy a private place surrounded by an incredible native forest and the peace of nature.

Suite Yurt

Finally, the suite yurts feature a bedroom, lounge room, and a private, heated outdoor jacuzzi to enjoy and relax after a day full of adventures exploring Patagonia with the exclusive excursions offered by Patagonia Camp.

Patagonia Camp, luxury camp in Torres del Paine National Park


What to do in Patagonia Camp?

Patagonia Camp offers a wide range of activities that allow guests to fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty and adventurous spirit of the Patagonian wilderness. Here are some of the activities you can enjoy during your stay:

Embark on guided hikes through Torres del Paine National Park, exploring its diverse landscapes, including towering mountains, turquoise lakes, and ancient glaciers. Choose from a variety of trails suitable for different fitness levels.

Set sail on the pristine waters of Lake Toro and other nearby lakes, marveling at the stunning scenery and perhaps spotting native wildlife such as guanacos, foxes, and condors. Paddle through the calm waters of the lakes and rivers surrounding Patagonia Camp, enjoying close-up views of glaciers and dramatic rock formations. Cast your line into the crystal-clear rivers and streams of Patagonia, renowned for their abundant trout populations. Experienced guides are available to help you reel in the catch of the day. Discover the rugged beauty of the Patagonian landscape on horseback, riding through valleys, forests, and along scenic trails with experienced gauchos. Capture the awe-inspiring landscapes of Patagonia with the guidance of professional photographers who know the best vantage points and lighting conditions. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of wildlife species that inhabit the region, including guanacos, foxes, condors, and maybe even elusive pumas. Learn about the rich cultural heritage of the region through visits to local communities, where you can interact with residents and discover traditional crafts and cuisine. After a day of adventure, unwind and rejuvenate at the camp’s spa facilities, which offer massages, yoga sessions, and other wellness treatments amidst the tranquil beauty of nature.

The Amazing Patagonia Camp. Glamping (luxury camp) in Torres del Paine

A wide menu of activities at Patagonia Camp

Check some great options you can choose from a wide menu of activities at Patagonia Camp:

Full day trip to Mirador
This excursion is the perfect setting to observe up close two of the most iconic symbols of the Cordillera Paine. First, you will take a hike to Salto Grande waterfall and then to a summit with great views and condor nests.

Full day Historical Patagonia
In this area, the Tehuelches, original Patagonian inhabitants who gave name to this beautiful land, used to live. Discover their fascinating history on a tour that will show you their culture and enchant you with traditional myths and legends.

Half day Maitenes Peninsula
Explore the only native maitenes forest existing in Chilean Southern Patagonia. On a lush green path, you will discover the pristine nature of almost untouched forests, as well as beautiful views towards the Paine Massif and Lake Toro, among others.

Full day Base Torres Lookout
Observe from an incredible amphitheater the most spectacular views towards the Torres del Paine. This iconic route is a must-see segment within the W circuit.

Full day French Valley
Water and land come together in this 10-hour excursion that offers an unparalleled experience: cross the turquoise waters of Lake Pehoé to then travel through the wooded path that will take you to the valley amphitheater.

Patagonia Camp, luxury camp in Torres del Paine National Park

Full day Grey Glacier
The Grey Lookout Trail is located at the foot of Mount Paine Grande. To get there, you must first cross the turquoise and bright waters of Lake Pehoé on a 30-minute navigation.

Half day Puntilla Kayak
Time stands still at Lake Toro when you take the oars and decide to explore the reserve from another perspective! On this unique expedition, you can also explore bays and islets just as the ancient Patagonians did.

Milodon Cave, half day tour
Located on the outskirts of the city of Puerto Natales, this natural monument consists of 7 caves, 3 of which are protected. Here, remains of milodons and saber-toothed tigers, among other Pleistocene species, were found.

Half day Toro Waterfall
Discover a beautiful and lonely place where you can disconnect from everything just a few meters from the Camp, only 500 meters from the main access and bordering Lake Toro.

Half day Blue Lookout
Live and feel the rhythms of nature in a pristine area that offers opportunities for contemplation and relaxation through quiet trails and beautiful views towards the blue waters of Porteño and Toro lakes.

Half day Toro Lake Lookout
You will advance through gentle hills and appreciate the Toro Sierra and the Paine Massif, as well as feel the cold wind coming from the Southern Ice Field.

Full day Cerro Castillo
Connect with the natural force of Patagonia on an unparalleled excursion. With an 8-hour ascent to the top of Cerro Castillo, you will enjoy beautiful views and experience a great challenge.

Patagonia Camp, luxury camp in Torres del Paine National Park

Full day Weber Loop
We invite you on a journey of discovery and emotions connected with nature in one of the most pristine places in Torres del Paine. With a low frequency of visits, this tour through the mountains offers views of beautiful conjunctions of rivers and lakes.

Full day Paine Massif Lookout
Discover a unique ascent to the most dazzling viewpoint of Torres del Paine. On this exclusive excursion from Patagonia Camp, you will travel winding trails that will lead you to impressive views of the Paine Massif, Grey Glacier, the Serrano Valley, and part of the ice field.

Half day Shore Fishing
Thanks to the irregular geography of Lake Toro, which has numerous islands, bays, and river mouths, at Patagonia Camp you can enjoy one of the best fishing areas in the region, an unmissable destination for lovers of this sport.

Half day Interpretive Trail
This beautiful trail winds through a dense forest and runs along a short path full of flowers and iconic trees of the Magellanic forest.

Full Day Three Lakes
Discover a trail surrounded by crystal-clear waters and unforgettable views of Lake Toro, Cerro Tenerife, and the Paine Massif. All this, on a tour that invites you to immerse yourself in nature amidst native forest and fascinating waterfalls.

Half day Ferrier Lookout
In this beautiful lookout, you can contemplate one of the most incredible panoramic views of Torres del Paine. The adventure begins in the Grey Nursery area and then ascends to one of the most pronounced summits in the western sector of the park.

Full day Pingo Playa Grey
As you venture into the banks of the Pingo River, you will discover an ancestral forest formed by lengas and coihues. You can observe the winding meanders of the river and the western face of Mount Paine Grande.

Navigation to Grey Glacier
The navigation of Lake Grey is undoubtedly one of the most captivating experiences in Torres del Paine. The boat ride will allow you to appreciate the unique combination of a landscape between vegetation, mountains, and icebergs. You will see up close the gigantic centuries-old walls of the glacier with a range of blue tones that you won’t be able to stop admiring!

Fly Fishing (full day)
On the shores of Lake Toro or in nearby rivers, you will have the opportunity to fish in one of the most pristine landscapes in southern Chile. Thanks to the irregular geography of the area, the province of Última Esperanza offers a great variety of fly fishing spots.

Patagonia Camp: location map

Patagonia Camp: how to arrive?

To arrive at Patagonia Camp, you can fly into the nearest major airport, which is Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport (PUQ) in Punta Arenas, Chile or also to the airport in Puerto Natales. From there, you can rent a car and arrive to the camp on your own.  Patagonia Camp can arrange a private transfer from the airport to the camp. This is often the most convenient option as it provides door-to-door service. While less common, there are also buses that run from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales, where you can then arrange for a transfer to Patagonia Camp.

If you arrive from El Calafate in Argentina, a bus service is usually the best option, to arrive to Puerto Natales, or even the border between both countries. And from there, a private transfer to the camp will be necessary.

Once you arrive in the vicinity of the camp, there may be additional transportation provided by the camp staff to bring you to the actual campsite, which is located near Torres del Paine National Park. It’s always a good idea to check with the camp staff for the most up-to-date transportation options and to coordinate your arrival in advance.


Book Patagonia Camp and enjoy this unique luxury camp in Torres del Paine!

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Patagonia Camp in Torres del Paine NP



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