W Trekking in Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine NP

Torres del Paine, located in Chilean Patagonia, boasts an awe-inspiring national park. Among Chile’s most stunning trails lies the W circuit in Torres del Paine National Park, spanning 72 kilometers. This trek typically lasts 4 to 5 days and requires a moderate to high level of fitness, making it advisable to be in good physical condition. Explore our comprehensive map of the renowned “W” Trekking route in Torres del Paine.

W trekking map in Torres del Paine


W Trekking in Torres del Paine: details of the circuit

The classic version of the W Circuit stands as the most renowned trekking experience in Torres del Paine. This journey offers access to all the park’s iconic attractions that lend their name to the Circuit W: Mirador Base Torres, Los Cuernos, Valle del Francés, Paine Grande, and the Gray Glacier. Adventurers can opt for various accommodations, from camping in nature to shelters with beds and meals, or private hotel rooms.

Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of Chilean Patagonia. Words alone cannot do justice to the breathtaking landscapes, emotions, and awe you’ll experience while traversing the classic version of the W Trekking Circuit. Walking amidst towering mountains, deep valleys, and dense forests will evoke profound gratitude for the moment. Despite the physical and mental challenges, the W trekking circuit offers comforts like cozy beds, hot showers, hearty meals, and supply points along the way.

Named after the “W” trail it follows, this circuit winds through two spectacular valleys, resembling the shape of a W when viewed from above. The classic 5-day/4-night W Circuit Trekking option allows for relaxation on the first day and exploration of the central sector’s points of interest.


W Trekking in Torres del Paine: Two options

The W Circuit traverses three of Torres del Paine National Park’s most iconic sectors: El Valle Ascencio, leading to Base Torres, renowned for its emerald lagoon and towering granite towers; Valle del Francés, home to Mirador Francés and Mirador Británico, offering panoramic views of the majestic Paine Massif; and the path alongside Lake Gray culminating at Mirador Gray, where breathtaking glaciers await.

At Reserva Las Torres Patagonia, we offer various options to experience the W Circuit and explore these iconic sectors of Torres del Paine.

W Circuit: A 5-day, 4-night journey with camping, shelter, or upgrades to private hotel rooms and cabins. This circuit allows for relaxation on the first day to explore the Central Sector’s points of interest before embarking on the trek. Choose between self-guided, accompanied by a private guide, or join a guided group. A limited version includes accommodation, breakfasts, roundtrip transportation, and a navigation experience on the final day.

W Express: A 4-day, 3-night adventure with camping, shelter, or upgrades to private hotel rooms and cabins. The W Express begins early on the first day, perfect for those with limited time but eager to experience all the highlights. Select between self-guided, accompanied by a private guide, or join a guided group.

W Circuit in Torres del Paine: trekking times

Check some approximation durations of each part of the W Circuit in Torres del Paine:

From Camp Paine Grande to Grey Viewpoint, 3.5 huours
From Camp Paine Grande to Camp Italiano, 2.5 hours
From Camp Italiano to Mirador Britanico, 3 hours
From Camp Italiano to Camp Frances: 50 minutes
From Camp Frances to Camp Cuernos: 2 hours
From Camp Cuedrnos to Camp Central: 4.5 hours
From Camp Central to Camp Chileno, 2 hours
From Camp Chileno to Mirador Based Torres, 2.5 hours
From Camp Central to Porteria Laguna Amarga, 1.5 hours



W Trekking in Torres del Paine: Our program



Arrival to Torres del Paine

Transportation to Torres del Paine, and lodging at Central Sector.

W Circuit in Torres del Paine Trekking, Chile


Hike to Base Las Torres

Today, we will enjoy a wonderful trekking to Las Torres Base. Amongst the most famous mountains in the world, these tree towering granite peaks soar in the blue sky at 2850 mts  (9350 ft), 2800 mts (9200 ft), and 2600 mts  (8500 ft). Molded by pure glacier force, these are the breathtaking towers that give the Park its name.


Hike to Frances Sector

Enjoy a hike to the Frances Sector with lodging at Frances or Cuernos Sector.

The Cuernos del Paine put up a fight with the Las Torres Mountains over the prettiest in the park. Standing at 2600 mts (8200 ft), 2400 mts (7900 ft) and 2200 mts (7200 ft), the different types of rocks that make up this massif create a stark, beautiful and multi-colored contrast. A 700mts  (3000 ft) wide slab of granite crosses the middle of these  uniquely shaped mountains.

W Circuit in Torres del Paine Trekking, Chile

DAY 4 – Hike to Frances Valley

Hike to Frances Valley

Today, we hike to Frances Valley and Lodging at Paine Grande Sector.

The Frances Valley is located in the middle of the W Circuit and offers unique unmatchable views. To the west, you can gaze at the Cuernos, Espada, Hoja and Mascara Mountains. To the east, the Frances Glacier overhangs Mount Paine Grande. To the north, the jagged Fortaleza and Aleta de Tiburon peaks (shark´s fin) stand out against the sky. AS if that wasn´t enough, the valley is immersed in a Nothofagus forest filled with many species of trees and vegetation that produce a variety of flowers and change colors during autumn.


Hike to Grey Glacier and return to Puerto Natales

Today, we hike to Grey Glacier Viewpoint and then return in catamaran via Pehoé Lake to arrive in Puerto Natales.

Grey Glacier is the largest glacier in Torres del Paine National Park, measuring 6 km wide (4 miles), 30 mt tall  (100 ft), and 19 km long (12 miles). Its floating icebergs and glacial moraines are just as picturesque as the glacier itself, which tumbles down from the massive Southern Ice Field. To see this gorgeous ice formation up close, you can take a boat ride, a kayak tour, or an ice-hiking excursion.

Once arrival to Puerto Natales, end of our services

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