Winter valleys in Ushuaia: Ski and other winter sports

nordic ski in Ushuaia

In addition to the well-known Castor ski center, there is an important list of ideal winter resorts in Ushuaia to enjoy when the snow arrives. Here is a list of some of them.

From the famous Lapataia bay (end of route 3), passing through the city of Ushuaia and going up the same route 3 to the Garibaldi Pass viewpoint, there are different places organized for lovers of snow sports, among which They appear from the well-known Cerro Castor to other winter centers minutes from the city where different recreational activities take place as soon as the snow arrives.

Ushuaia winter resorts: location

A few kilometers from the city of Ushuaia there are different possibilities to practice skiing and there are also skating rinks in the city that invite visitors to have fun with the family.


Martial Glacier

The Glaciar Martial mountain resort operates all year round and during winter it is the ideal setting for practicing alpine skiing, snowboarding and sledding, or getting carried away by snowshoeing.


Winter activities in Ushuaia


The winter centers in Ushuaia

Leaving the city and taking route 3 towards Tolhuín, we find the valley and the different winter centers that are increasingly chosen by visitors who come to enjoy winter at the end of the world.

Valle de los Lobos

The most representative activity of this winter resort is dog sled rides. This ancient discipline managed to bring man together with different breeds of dogs, among which the huskies and Alaskans stand out, which are raised right there in the winter center. In addition to this unique walk, it is also possible to take walks and crossings through the snow.

Tierra Mayor

This winter resort, the brainchild of pioneer Don Gustavo Giró, is ideal for skiing, getting on a dog sled, or taking one of the combined skiing, hiking and sledding excursions that can last one or more days in the Fuegian forests.


This slogan is undoubtedly the founding premise of this company that began to operate in 1991 and that to trekking and cross-country skiing was adding other activities such as horseback riding, 4×4 adventures, boating and outings on mountain bikes .

With its own refuge since 1997 at the foot of Mount Alvear, Nunatak is an ideal place during winter to go snowshoeing, take a dog sled ride or go cross-country skiing.

Llanos del Castor

This place, surrounded by forests and mountains that perfectly summarize the characteristics of Fuegian nature, offers the visitor the possibility of carrying out various outdoor activities through trails that are perfectly signposted and allow you to see all kinds of birds and beavers while they do the walks. When the winter season arrives, the traditional international snow sculpture event takes place there.

Cerro Castor

It is the largest ski center in the province of Tierra del Fuego and has slopes for all levels of demand and modern lifts. Just 25 kilometers from the city of Ushuaia, this center is the one that has developed the most in Argentina in recent years. Artificial snow cannons to improve the slopes, modern lifts, rental of high-end equipment, restaurants, bars, pubs and all the technological services to feel at home are part of the added value that Castor offers to its visitors today.


Winter activities in Ushuaia

Undoubtedly, this cabin, run by its own owners, sums up inside the way of feeling and living of those who chose the valley. Among the activities offered by this winter center, the snowshoe walks and trekking through the forest stand out during the winter, some of the activities most required by visitors to Valle Hermoso.

Ushuaia Blanca Ski Resort

It is considered a very good cross-country ski center. It offers equipment rental and has a school of specialized instructors who offer individual and group classes to visitors. Another attraction of the place is its ski slope illuminated during the night hours, something to keep in mind during the long winter nights in Ushuaia. Its restaurant, with a Fuegian menu, is another of the place’s benefits.

Las Cotorras Ski Resort

Those who visit Ushuaia cannot fail to try the traditional mountain coffee and the Fuegian lamb on the cross, and of course the local trout. As for winter sports, the complex has a varied geography for cross-country skiing and for getting carried away by trekking through the forest and snowshoeing, ideal for the whole family.

Haruwen Ski Resort

The Haruwen winter center was built in 1987 by Raúl Muriel and Marta Trabuchi, both born in Tierra del Fuego, and today their son Damián carries out all the activities that take place there. The place is located in the Vega del Café valley, at the foot of National Route 3, 36 kilometers north of Ushuaia and 18 kilometers from Lake Escondido. Haruwen was the pioneer center for dog sled races and since 1993 the Ushuaia Sled Dog Race and Ushuaia Sled Dog Race for children have been held in August.

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