What to eat in Torres del Paine National Park?

Torres del Paine National Park (and also Puerto Natales, gate to visit the park), invites you to taste some local dishes. Of course as many other destinations in Patagonia, the “Cordero Patagonico” or lamb is one of the specialties. Let me say a must! But, as Puerto Natales is located on the shores of Ultima Esperanza Sound, threre are some seafood that you can taste during your stay. And also a special drink! Take a look to the following information:

Taste the typical “Cordero Magallánico” (Magellan Lamb)

This is a local specialty and one of the best things to try in Puerto Natales. The meat is cooked over an open fire, giving it a unique smoky flavor.

Taste the amazing “Centolla” (King Crab)

Chilean king crab is a delicious and popular seafood dish. It is typically served boiled or grilled, with a side of lemon and garlic butter.


Taste the Patagonian Trout

Trout is a popular fish in Patagonia, and Puerto Natales is no exception. You can find it grilled, fried, or baked, and it is often served with a side of vegetables or potatoes. Amazing!

Try the Curanto

This is a traditional dish from the Chiloé Archipelago, which consists of seafood, meat, and vegetables cooked in a hole in the ground. It is a must-try if you have the chance to visit Chiloé during your stay in Puerto Natales.

Taste the Guanaco Meat

Guanaco meat is a traditional food in Chilean Patagonia, and it is possible to find it in some restaurants and markets in Puerto Natales and hotels in Torres del Paine. Guanacos are native to the region and are related to llamas and alpacas. Their meat is lean and has a gamey flavor, similar to venison.

In some restaurants, guanaco meat is served as a specialty dish, often prepared as a stew or grilled. It is also possible to find guanaco sausages and other meat products in local markets. However, it’s important to note that guanaco is a protected species in Chile, and it is illegal to hunt them without a permit

Drink the unique Pisco Sour

Pisco sour is a popular alcoholic beverage in Chile and Peru, made with pisco (a type of brandy), lime juice, simple syrup, ice, and egg whites. In Puerto Natales, you can find several bars and restaurants that serve this refreshing cocktail.

Pisco sour is a perfect drink to cool off after a long day of exploring Torres del Paine National Park or other nearby attractions. The drink has a tangy, citrusy flavor with a frothy texture from the egg whites. Some variations of the recipe may add additional ingredients such as bitters or fruit juice to enhance the flavor.

There are several bars and restaurants in Puerto Natales where you can enjoy a delicious Pisco sour, such as the famous “Bar Shackleton” or “Mylodon Restobar.” These places often offer variations of the traditional recipe, using local ingredients like calafate berries or adding a twist with flavored syrups.

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